The Big Data which is the collection of large volumes of information has affected the way in which information is stored and transmitted. It has made it possible for all information regarding what we do online to be recorded and from this information; individual profiles are created and stored.

There are IT organizations that are involved in collecting all the information they can about an individual or even his family such as Cambridge Analytica. This company claims to have a digital profile for every US resident and for each individual; there are 5,000 pieces of information.

With such information, the government will be able to easily monitor the private lives of the citizens which in a way is a threat to their democracy. It is not known the extent that the government is able to pry on people’s privacy.

Another way that Big Data will interfere with the privacy of individuals is by taking private contacts from the collected information so that they can send marketing messages to them. This will be in an effort to drive sales which in a way is interfering with the right of the citizens to choose who to give their contact and which items to buy. The manufacturing companies will be able to know your favorite cologne, your likes, and even your dislike and then manipulate this information to their advantage.

The politicians are also taking advantage of the people by using the private information to influence their democratic stand. They are influenced through messages that are sent to their inbox and made to change their stand.

Big data is a huge threat to democracy but unfortunately, a lot of people are still not aware of the threat that this huge collection of information is to their democracy. By the time they do, the companies and the government is most likely to have a huge influence on everything about what the people do and the choices that they make.